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How To Be an Artist:

By: Ashley Longshore

Photo by Alexandra Arnold

1. Wake up pinch you nipples and smile 

2. Create like its your last day. Like you are fucked. Like there is only one collector in the world and you want them to buy YOU.

3. Be as creative with your marketing as you are with your art. 

4. Never forget what you are worth. 

5. If you must work with a gallery, dont forget they work for YOU. They are the middleman. Establish goals for them. If they dont meet the goals then move on. 50% is a ridiculous percentage to give up... make them work for it. 

6. Never forget that you are an entrepreneur. You are so much more than someone creating tangible thoughts. You deserve to make money. 

7. Instagram is not the answer! Its a tool!! Its like the cherry on an ice cream sundae... you must work in lots of different ways to have the success you want! Success on social media is a result of shows, media and connectivity hustle.

8. There is no instant gratification! Create wildly... everyday!!! The world needs you and you only have so many days in your life to create! The harder you work, the luckier you get. 

9. Love you some mother fucking you! You are special. You share your life experience and vision with the world. You are brave! You are important and you are fucking special! 

10. Dont forget that if this was easy, everyone would be doing it.... its not easy.... sharing your soul and putting yourself out there is hard.... but i am so fucking proud of you! The world needs you! 

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