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Look Mom, I Made It

By: Emma Dowhie

I wrote this poem with a few things in mind. The first thing being, a strong desire to make it in the art world, & the second being, a crippling fear of actually making it in the art world. This contradiction at times fuels my art, but at other times holds me back from creating my best work. In this way the contradiction becomes a contradiction in and of itself. It scares me that one day I could make it, & it scares me even more that I never may.

This poem is dedicated to anyone who has ever succeeded at something, & is soon after disappointed by what that success entails. I think the idea of “making it” is complex, because for one there is no way to measure it. Because of this everyone has a different signifier of having “made it.” I hope that anyone who wants to make it, does. And I hope that anyone who knows better than to make it, stops holding themselves back. You need to have a-little fear of what’s to come in order to get there in one piece. 

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