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Me, Myself, And Fauves. A Self-Inertview

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

By: John Paul Fauves

21st Century Face Hole

People say those who talk to themselves are crazy, but the real crazy people are the ones who don't.

Do you like people?

Yes and No

How did you become an artist?

By going through hell and coming back

Who is your favorite artist?


Were does you inspiration come from?

From wakening up every day…

What’s your concept of art?

Art is nothing and its all. it’s a gateless gate only thing you have to do is cross without judgement there’s no door.

Whats your life statement?

Fuck it

What you think of CB Hoyo?

My Mother from another father rabbit hole.

Do you believe in Religion?

God is within all of us. I believe in spirituality not in any manmade dogma.

Why Fauves?

Non of your business

But it's me asking myself the question. Are you bipolar?

Yes and ADHD

Are you really ?

I am that I am, that’s all I am.

What does that mean?

Im not a body nor a name im spiritual being having a human experience.

You are crazy…

That, yes sir.

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