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Memes And Art As A Form Of Expression

By: Roberto Del Rio

I’ve always had a fascination for juxtaposing content on my art as well as in life in general. Memes as a form of expression came to life when I started noticing the impact that Instagram was having on people’s lifestyles and the way social media is literally constructing human behavior. I create my insta stories by doing collages with the content I strictly find on Instagram. I like to combine pictures that are relevant to every day life with certain trending topics that are immediately understood by my followers. I also combine videos and pictures that stimulate my followers' imagination, making them think about  what the message really means. Being able to interact with people by simply combining visual content, gives me the possibility to let them know what’s inside my head and how I interpret social media as a means to human manipulation. We are constantly being bombarded and taught how to live, act and behave even if we seem to believe that we have “Free will”... Lately, I’ve been trying to be a little bit more cosmic focused on my insta stories. I want to send out a direct message with both my art and my digital content: We, as a species, are beginning to unveil what certain “ELITE SOCIETIES "with a secret agenda" have been hiding from us in order to stop us from evolving to our fullest potential. I’m really glad to be part of humanity at this moment in time...

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