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Painting in Pornos "Rock Hard Rothkos"

By: Chaz Well

Did you know about the AVN Awards? Adult Video News Awards, its like the Oscars, but for porn.  Imagine that, getting dressed up to walk down a red carpet, and then watch your friends, coworkers, competitors, maybe family(?); all sit down and watch snip bits of weird, beautiful, fake, funny sex with each other. It's hard work, and you can say they're all kinda sexually frustrated in that industry.  But, what I would like to know is: Where are the art directors?  What kind of interior designer is dressing these sleezy sex mansions? Can I send you my resume?  More importantly, Who are the artists painting these paintings? Do they know their paintings are in pornos? These are all questions I ask myself between the hours of 10pm - 10:03pm (on weekdays).

For my friends who know nothing and everything about art, I present to you some theories of who these mystery artists could be or be influenced from.

Figure 1

In Figure 1. this white, red, and lighter red on black painting could be compared to Mark Rothko's No.1 Red and White (1962).  The first thing I could tell is those paintings are NOT Rothko's due to their size.  No.1 is 8'.5" x 7'.25" which is around the size he normally painted in.  These paintings in the background could be no more than 5'x4'. I come to this size by looking up the Pornstars' height: Adrianna Luna (5'3") and Manuel Ferrara (6'). Compare that to the couch they're sharing, estimate the couch at 7ft wide, more it back to the wall (12ft) and through the rules of perspective, that couch will definitely be bigger than those paintings.

This debunks them as original Rothkos, but they are Rothko influenced.

Figure 2

Look at this, Figure 2 Rothko's Orange and Yellow 1956, is almost identical to the painting in the series on the wall.  You can tell that it isn't because the mystery artist didn't feather out the edges of his "color fields" like Rothko did.  Our mystery artist almost pulled the paint around with a squeegie because it looks like one fluid motion of paint pulling on canvas compared to the softness of the edges of the color fields which is done by flaring the bristles back and forth within the edge of the rectangular shape.  There is a porn joke in there, use your artistic gutter of an imagination.

Figure 3

Through further digging on google images, I came across this abstract expressionist artist's website GraceDivine.com, she once did a series inspired by him, one of her paintings, Figure 3, was inspired by his color palettes, closely resembles the third painting in the series of the unknown.  Now, I don't think they're Grace's either, her paintings are relatively small from what I gathered on her colorful website.

Now, I start to ask myself these questions: Where does this artist get off?  Were they intentionally ripped off thinking they were for some average homeowner and no one would see, or know difference?  Ripping off Rothkos to be bought, shown, filmed, and watched in the background of less then professional, but better than amauter pornography.   This makes me sick but still hungry to find this artist, email them this picture with the question: "How do you feel about this?" - cw

If you have any information on who this artist is, could be, leads on the other paintings I didn't get to, fan mail, or have found paintings in pornos that you would like written about, please email chazwellson@gmail.com // subject: PIP1

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