As you may know, this publication is made up by 100% contributor content and in order for it to function we need you to create free content for us. 


There are some simple rules for submitting your article:


- Content must be somehow art related (you have full creative freedom)

- Content must be engaging and original (we like spicy shit, so don't limit yourself. You can  throw a couple of fucks and swear words )

- Content must be an under 5 minutes read (we recommend 2-3 minutes)

- Content must contain images (please provide all links and sources. If the images don't belong to you,  they must be copyright free and labelled for free use)

- Content must be 100% your's and original. ( we don't tolerate any form of plagiarism.)

We also love audio visual stuff, so if you make music or videos please send us some of that.


-Your article has to shared on a Google Drive/WeTransfer/Dropbox link



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